About us

Inlighta Bioscineces was established 2014 by Dr. Jenny J. Yang who is a Distinguished University Professor and Associate Director of the Center for Diagnostics and Therapeutics, Georgia State University. Scientists led by Dr. Jenny J. Yang are pioneering in applying protein design and engineering approaches to modulate calcium signaling, understand molecular basis of diseases, and create novel materials and tools for research, diagnostics and therapeutics. With proprietary technology in protein design of metalloproteins, we have created 6 major types of novel protein and metal reagents and tools including in vivo non-invasive early disease detection, diagnosis, staging, and prognosis of various types of cancer and fibrosis, in cell detection of calcium signaling and drug discovery, novel protein drugs.

  • novel class of MRI Protein contrast agents
  • fast calcium sensors that are able to probe changes and dynamics in signaling and disease states
  • a set of proteinase sensors to probe enzymatic action and inhibition in real time.
  • novel approaches to modulate cellular activity of major drug targets (e.g. family C of GPCR and calcium channels
  • Protein drugs against angiogenesis and liver fibrosis.

20 patents, Several Ph.Ds., M.S. scientists, many collaborators including >30 clinicians