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frequently asked question

1. What is InLighta BioSciences?

InLighta BioSciences is a biotech company specializing in the development of innovative MRI contrast agents for early detection, monitoring, and therapeutic tracking of cancers, fibrosis, and other disease biomarkers.

2. What is the best way to contact InLighta BioSciences?

You can contact us by phone at +1 404-429-1434, via email at, or by filling out the contact form on this page.

3. What are MRI contrast agents, and how do they work?

MRI contrast agents are substances injected into the body to enhance the visibility of certain tissues or organs during MRI scans. They work by altering the magnetic properties of nearby hydrogen atoms, resulting in clearer and more detailed images.

4. What medical conditions or diseases can be detected or monitored using InLighta BioSciences’ contrast agents?

InLighta BioSciences’ contrast agents are designed for the early detection, monitoring, and therapeutic tracking of various conditions, including cancers (such as liver, breast, lung, ovarian, and prostate cancer), fibrosis, and other disease biomarkers.

5. Is InLighta BioSciences involved in any research or collaborations?

Yes, InLighta BioSciences collaborates with academic institutions, research organizations, and industry partners to advance the development and application of MRI contrast agents. Our team is actively engaged in ongoing research and collaborative projects aimed at improving medical diagnostics and treatments.

6. Are ProCA32 contrast agents currently available for patient use?

Not yet, but Phase I clinical trials are planned for the second quarter of 2024, and InLighta hopes to secure FastTrack approval for accelerated development from the FDA following successful completion of Tox studies and Phase I trials.